Monday, 3 June 2013

Historic Reproduction Knitting and a Hiatus

A Lady and Her Knitting, 1915
Gabain, Ethel (1883-1950)
Private Collection
Image from Photo © The Fine Art Society, London, UK/The Bridgeman Art Library
Image No. FAS 214408

This is me, distancing myself from some of my historic knitting. I have had to take a long break of some months from working on the projects knit with fine cotton yarns and very fine needles as they made my hands, arms and shoulders ache and throb. Instead, I have been trying out lace edges to finish a woolen hood from Weldon’s, reworking a lace nightcap from Myra’s Knitting Lessons, also from the 1880’s, and knitting lots and lots of modern socks, Fair Isle Fish and Wee Cottages* – all in wool with that nice bounce that is missing in the fine cottons, and which is so much easier on the hands.

There are about eight 19th century projects, apart from a handful of woolen ones, that were not finished in my Year of Completion (2012.)  All are in cotton on fine needles, all are started and all belong to that class of tedious, repetitive knitting which tend to drive one mad when in a rush but are rather nice as long-range projects.  A few are pictured here. The plan is to work on one per month and at an easy pace, mixing n a bit of sock and larger garment knitting (for physical and mental relief) as well as a little bit of piecing and quilting as this is a Year of Completion for my stack of quilts, ranging from mini-wall hangings to full bed size ones.

Fingers crossed – when not knitting, sewing, stitching, etc.!

*Home Sweet home Wee House Brooch and Key Ring by Julia Marsh from and

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