Monday, 1 December 2014

Judie Rothermel Quilt

This is the last quilt that bears any relation to a reproduction one that I will be featuring on this blog for some time. I have two almost identical mid-19th century ones in progress, one at the top only stage and the other simply needing its edges sewn down. They are both on hold, however, as I make a few modern ones due to the sudden outbreak of weddings and babies in my life.

I love all my quilts equally but this one does hold a special place in my heart. It is composed of sample, many of them small print, 100% cotton squares from the designer Judie Rothermel and her Schoolhouse Quilt Shoppe, featuring both 19th century reproductions and “inspired by” prints.

As with the Sarah Johnson/Copp Family quilt*, these squares were out on the floor for a few weeks so I could not only study them for colour and design but also pass them repeatedly, and subliminally take in the layout and make changes. I never tire of closely examining them in the finished quilt, and I love Judie Rothermel’s dark navy and gold borders and backing, too.

This quilt measures  roughly 53” square, and each interior piece is a 1 ½”square. It was entirely hand-pieced and hand-quilted, and is filled with Warm & Natural cotton batting/wadding.