Monday, 4 August 2008

The Garment is Growing!

One leg, almost up to the knee, and the second one cast on. A similar item has been sent to the model, who lives quite far away, for fitting, and knitting will resume as soon as the sample garment is returned. Having ripped out the leg eight times and almost worn holes in the pages in my pattern log while editing it, I am hoping that this fit will be the required snug one.

Although a great deal of contemporary knitting is currently making demands on my knitting time, I have also begun the upper body of TG with a false cast on using scrap yarn so I will have live stitches to connect to the last row of live stitches on the waistline of the lower part of The Garment. This upper body part will be knit back and forth, the two fronts and back as one piece, up to the underarms. The original Garment was probably constructed out of loom knitted pieces and then cut and seamed to fit Stephen Maturin's body but I cannot I bring myself to cut steeks in my knitting, I will knit the upper part of the fronts and back separately as I do when making Icelandic, Scandinavian and Fair Isle garments after knitting them in the round up to the underarms.