Saturday, 31 May 2014

Quilt for May

This is not quite a reproduction quilt. The interior squares are made of 19th century reproduction cotton prints but the borders are of the “inspired by” class. I sometimes combine the two types of materials to make doll quilts or small quilts that function as a decorative wall hanging or a mat for a table.

This quilt measures 16 ¼” square and is entirely hand pieced and hand quilted. The backing is a light green solid.

Monday, 26 May 2014

Knitted Pink and Yellow Bag from the V&A - Update

"Knit on with confidence and hope, through all crises."

Wise words of one of the doyennes of knitting, Elizabeth Zimmerman. I have been doing just that but rather slowly. There has been some progress with the small bag from the collection of the Victoria and Albert Museum. Knitting on such fine needles and with absolutely-no-bounce thin cotton thread is a slow process at any time. This little bag is, however, an enjoyable project and soothing as I had already worked out all of the potential problems with the larger, practice version.* I know it takes more time but I cannot recommend enough the making of a practice version for many of these projects.

A little more knitting, strings, beads and a silk lining, and the bag will be set to go.