Monday, 5 August 2013

Famous Knitters - Joan Hickson

Joan Hickson, OBE (August 5, 1906 – October 17, 1998)

The quintessential Miss Marple?  In my book, yes!

Joan Hickson had a long career on stage and screen before she took on the role of one of the most famous knitters of all time.  Just one look at the list on the IMDB* brings back many memories of her delightful, menacing, heartbreaking and funny performances whether in a major role or an uncredited one or just a fleeting appearance.  One of her films was Murder She Said (1961), a mystery involving Miss Marple but played by another actress.

I have a blog post about the various portrayals of Miss Marple coming up so I will not dwell too much on the knitting aspect of the character now. To fulfill the criteria for this  post, however, here is Joan Hickson in one of my favourite knitting scenes from The Body in the Library (1984). She did a lot of knitting on that yellow project during the investigation.

Miss Havisham in a television production of Great Expectations (1981.) Terrific dress and hair!

Most decidedly un-Miss Marple-ish!


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