Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Knitted Lace Collar No. 2 – Part Three

I am almost finished with the second part of the Knitted Lace Collar No. 2 from Mrs. G.. J. Baynes’s booklet (The Knitted Lace Collar Receipt Book {Fourth Edition}, 1846.) The Lace Pattern, like the Fancy Pattern, is another 8 row sequence, and I have knit 48 points so far with probably another twelve or more to go. The Lace Pattern is being sewn on with a double strand of cotton quilting thread.

When the Lace Pattern is finished and completely sewn on , the third, top and final part has to be knit.


LynnS said...

What is its intended destination? I wish I wore things that merited lace collars; I wear geek t-shirts most days.

Though Supreme Court justices put frilly things on their robes...hmm...

One More Stitch said...

I will wear this when I am in the 1850s - one of my jobs!