Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Knitted Lace Collar No. 2 - Part Two

I am now knitting the "lace" section of this collar. Once again, it is an eight row sequence which is clearly written and enjoyable to knit which led me to reflect that in less than ten years, the art of pattern writing, including the suggestion of needle sizes and materials, had become vastly improved. The Workwoman's Guide (1840 - Second Edition), which I use for knitting and sewing, still relies upon intuitive knitting and background skills in design whereas this little pattern book for collars, published some six years later is highly specific and includes illustrations which are, so far, accurate. The illustration for this collar, which is a drawing, is, however, truncated in length. I wonder if visual sizing was sacrificed so as to make a larger image of the knitted stitches for which I am grateful.

By the way, this book of collars was in its fourth edition in 1846.


Mette said...

The collars you are making are gorgeous.And inspiring. I shall look for collar patterns in my Danish pattern books.

millefeuilles said...


I have visited your blog for the first time today and I am really impressed by what I see. I too am fascinated by the history of textiles and fashion and have incorporated this into my thesis on the aesthetics of seventeenth-century garden design.

I shall be back.

One More Stitch said...

Looking forward to seeing Danish collars!

That thesis sounds like a wonderful combination of beautiful things!

Secesh1860 said...

Which one is this in the book?