Sunday, 26 June 2011

Lady's Knitted Under Petticoat - Finished!

It came out, however, rather too big in the body and much too big in the waist. I am thinking of letting the ribbed part fall down on my hips and sewing on a wide satin waistband, probably drawstring. If it is all still too big, I will have to make another one, this time in a fingering weight wool which I already have. That weight is closer to the original in the pattern but I wanted a dense, warm petticoat so I decided to use the sport weight instead.

There are, of course, what seems like hundreds of ends to sew in! Tedious as that sounds, I spent about an hour working on just that and got half of one seam finished so another four or five hours should do the trick. I will have to space this part out over a few days or I shall run mad! Even though I am a quilter and do 98% of my piecing and quilting by hand, and also do canvas work, crewel and embroidery, I hate the sewing part of any knitting project. The panels are meant to joined in “single crochet” but that, combined with my skill in crocheting, would truly drive me over the edge.

The petticoat was knit on 3mm/2.50 US needles, in Brown Sheep Nature Spun Sport, using five skeins of Scarlet and two of Snow. The original pattern is from Godey’s Lady’s Book, December, 1864. It does not suggest a needle size, gauge or garment size but does recommend “four-thread scarlet fleecy” (laceweight modern equivalent)


Mette said...

Very lovely.

Lillian & Audrey said...

How wonderful :-)

but all those ends! still it is worth while for such a great garment.

Susan Armstrong said...

Looks really nice. You are supposed to crochet around the elastic at the waist and sew the side seams. There are a number of directions for knit petticoats. I believe there is a picture of the elastic/waist on a child's petticoat. I'll see if I can find it. I think it was the Wisconsin Historical site.

One More Stitch said...

Thank, everyone, for your kind comments!

I am still sewing in the ends!