Monday, 2 February 2015


I am moving house. Downsizing, clearing out, packing up. As a result, my projects are suffering.With all the best intentions, I packed  and am still packing the knitting, quilting, needlework, rug hooking in what seemed and seems to be a systematic way. Much of it is in temporary but retrievable storage. Somewhere in the process, however, two very important collections went missing, namely my complete set of Weldon’s in facsimile editions and the small group of photocopied patterns from them that are my working/marked up ones for current projects. The projects, themselves, are safe in a container next to me as I type but not the patterns. As I am in another Year of Completion and these Weldon’s projects are small but time-consuming, the situation is rather frustrating.

Luckily, I have more projects, of course, in progress and planned so I do have some things to feature on this blog in the coming months. The non-knitting one pictured here is one I did decades ago. It is a mixture of stitchery and glued-on materials on linen. It was a kit from the much missed The Needlewoman in Regent Street, London.

The piece is large and framed, under glass, but was difficult to photograph, especially close-up, hence the dark image.

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