Thursday, 31 July 2014

Quilt for July

This quilt is not a reproduction one in terms of the prints. It does, however, use an old pattern which I found in an American library book. I was very careless when I made this quilt as I did not write down the name of the book some fifteen or so years ago during construction. I do not have, therefore, the source or the name of the pattern. I also used to have a very large collection of books about quilting but I never found a quilt with this pattern. I don't know what it is but on the other hand, the book it came from was, as I seem to remember, probably from the 1960s-1970s with black and white photographs, and might have had more of a romantic than a factual lean to it. The upshot is that I would love to have a name for this pattern as it is dramatic potential and quick and easy to stitch. 

As for the materials in this quilt, I only had a little bit of the deep purple and the yellow chintz but I liked them together. The blocks were pieced but sat around for a few years before I found an interesting contrasting print, the blue floral one, which is also the backing. I do, however, hope to make this quilt again with reproduction prints.

The quilt is 29" square and the blocks measure 6" square each, and is entirely hand pieced and hand quilted.

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