Monday, 25 November 2013

Early Winter Knitting

'L'Art  Ménager', October 1927
Fontaine, Anne-Marie
Magazine cover
Colour lithograph
Private Collection
Credit: Bridgeman Art Library*

The cold weather is upon us so it is nice to sit by a fire and knit. This cover reminds me of me as I have model ships about the house. I have been also mostly knitting socks on four needles lately as I had to give my aching hands a rest from the ultra-thin, sometimes, almost invisible knitting needles of my historic projects. Hence the limited amount of reproduction knitting on this blog in the past few months. There are still a substantial number of reproduction wips though, including a few that need to be ripped out and started again for various reasons. I will be discussing a few of them here. Until then, however, back to those socks which are going right into use these days – a good incentive to prevent Second Sock Syndrome.

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