Monday, 30 September 2013

Quilt for September

 This quilt has two different toiles on each side. One side has prints of 18th century American themes such as George Washington crossing the Delaware. I bought this piece of material as a scrap at a quilt show sometime in the 1990s, I believe, and that was all there was so it determined the size of the quilt. The piece did not have a manufacturer’s stamp on it so I have no idea who produced it.

The reverse is a piece that I bought a few years later. The age stains over the 18th century bucolic print are part of the print so as to make the material look old. I never made a note of the manufacturer so, unfortunately, I cannot identify it.

The quilt measures 55 ½” long and just over 38 ½ “ wide. It is hand finished with a knife edge border. The hand quilting is done in the lozenge pattern which is a slightly elongated diamond shape.

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J.T. Hill said...

Is this quilt for sale?