Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Quilt for April

As mentioned elsewhere on this blog, I have met with a lot of difficulty photographing my quilts. This one was a real challenge. A black and white reproduction Toile de Jouy framed with black material, all in cotton.

The print is a pastoral one, with sheep, which makes me think of spring. I love whole cloth quilts and I enjoy the meditative exercise of hand quilting, even a simple design such as the one on this quilt, my favourite  - squares on point.

This quilt measures 48” wide by 54” long.  The printed section is 40 ½” wide x 46” long. The larger images are approximately 8” tall and 6” wide.

Strictly speaking, this quilt is not quite a reproduction one as the black border and backing material has a very subtle black and white pointillist pattern of leaves and vines on it.


Magnolia Tea said...

Hi there!
I love your quilt! I also like the French pastoral scenes, but I haven't found any fabric to make one that is not upholstery weight. What weight did you use?

One More Stitch said...

Glad you like the quilt.

The fabric is an American cotton quilting one. I bought it over ten years ago.

The Dutch company, Den Haan & Wagenmakers, B.V. have also carried toile prints over the years (http://www.dutchquilts.net/shop/home.php) Its fabric is slightly denser than American quilting cotton but completely comfortable to work with by hand or machine. I have used its fabric for a lot of hand work and I barely notice the difference.

I will have more toile quilts on the blog later in the year.

Judith said...

the pattern very much reminds me of some we had at our family home when i was a kid, only that one was in shades of green. It's probably a popular theme, although I haven't seen it again since. thanks for sharing