Sunday, 10 February 2013

Famous Knitters – Dame Judith Anderson and Joyce Grenfell

Two multi-talented ladies. I never tire of seeing either of them in performance.

Dame Judith Anderson, AC, DBE, (February 10, 1897 – January 3, 1992.) Here she is knitting in And Then There Were None (1945), and she does knit throughout the film. One of my favourite films based on one of my favourite books.

Joyce Grenfell, OBE, (February 10, 1910 – November 30, 1979)
(Source: TipsImages - Picture No. 10316466)


Scene in the Past said...

I like this feature. :) Have you done Rose Marie yet?

One More Stitch said...

No, no Rose Marie yet. Sadly, I have not yet found an image of her knitting. I remember her "Sally" fondly from the Dick Van Dyke Show and something is bothering me about seeing her knitting or evidence of knitting connected with her character. Perhaps it was Laura/Mary Tyler Moore who is seen knitting. I did like Rose Marie's Sally - the single working woman, clever successful, financially comfortable, fun to be with, kind and caring and yet never getting what she really wanted - husband and marriage.

One More Stitch said...

P.S. Glad you like the birthday ladies! There are so many I would like to feature but I cannot always find images of them knitting. There will be lots of missing talented faces but stay tuned for the ones who who were snapped with their needles and yarn!

Scene in the Past said...

I've been watching a lot of the Dick Van Dyke show on Hulu, and it's definitely Rose Marie who's knitting, in multiple shows. Mary Tyler Moore isn't ever seen knitting. It's such a great show. I'm surprised there aren't any pictures! We'll keep looking. :)

One More Stitch said...

Thanks for the verification.

I think Rose Marie's birthday isn't until August so we have some time!