Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Rambling - Part 2*

Speaking of crumpled, I then begin to worry about the thrum cap I plan to full in the next day or so as I took a class in fulling and needle felting a few years ago and failed fantastically, exiting with a bag of stretched out, undefinable soggy pieces of fabric. Fingers crossed on that one. Then it is back to the 17th century to finish off a pair of gloves but I do so hate knitting fingers!!!! After making fringes or knitting bobbles, it is my least favourite thing to do with yarn. I realise I am frowning and that makes me smile as I remember how some people at work have recently complained to me about the knitter on my screen saver.

She has made several appearances on this blog. My colleagues claim that she looks bad tempered or impatient, and I tell them that she is because she has been interrupted in her limited free time (she is a servant after all) and her knitting.

This is a new find in my quest for knitting in art and the sitter has a similar expression although perhaps this young lady is merely distracted. I do like her cap and the bent needle in the foreground but until I can get a sharper image, I can only see three needles.

Young Brittany Girl Knitting
Jules Adolphe Aime Louis Breton
Oil on canvas
Sold at auction in 2007 – location unknown

That brings to mind quite a few ladies with cross faces in paintings about knitting but here is a smiling, sweet, industrious girl.

Young Girl Standing in a Doorway Knitting (1863)
Meyer von Bremen
Oil on canvas
Private Collection
Source: The Bridgeman Art Library
Image ID: BAL 98647

Shifting my position in my chair, I am reminded of this terrific painting, fascinating not only for the knitting and the work basket at the sitter’s side but also for the very clear details of clothing and furniture. I also love the repeated use of stripes, lines, and the colours black and red.

Knitting a Stocking
Sir Francis Grant
Oil on canvas
Location unknown

And finally, a glance out of the windows tells me that I should take a break and enjoy this lovely spring day. If it is too windy to sit and knit by the water, I can do some extra walking and clear the cobwebs from my mind and plan more projects or just how I am going to get the current ones wrapped up!

Girl Knitting Amidst Flowers (1921)
Daniel Ridgway Knight
Medium unknown
Location unknown

*This blog had to be posted in two sections due to the size of the images.

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=Tamar said...

If she's using a knitting stick (not visible but could easily be hidden behind her right forearm), then the fourth needle would be in it (and also hidden).