Thursday, 19 May 2011

18th Century Man's Pocketbook

The reproduction18th century man's pocketbook is finished. It has mistakes in the stitching and I am not happy with the initials and their box but overall, I love it! I greatly enjoy doing this type of work and just have to be more careful in the future or catch my mistakes sooner than six rows afterwards or summat like that!

The pocketbook measures 7 ½” across and 7" long, opened flat. The interior is lined with cardboard and handwoven green silk. The tapes are woven wool and all of the sewing was done by hand with linen thread. The pocketbook, itself, was stitched on 30 count linen with naturally dyed wools from Textile Reproductions. The linen and the wools are from a kit purchased about twenty or more years ago but I did not exactly follow the colour chart in the kit.

My thanks to my father for holding open the pocketbook, and please excuse the Christmas tablecloth in the background which has finally been put away for the year!


Mette said...

It is thrilling to see the folklore colors for a man's pocketbook.

Jheral Tinzy said...

SM, eh? Hmmm... I wonder whose pocket that pocketbook is intended for ;-)


One More Stitch said...

Yes, I daresay the next one will have "JA" embroidered on it! And the next, "TP" or "WM" or .................?

I have a lot of choices!

Astrid said...

Now if that truly was Stephen's pocketbook, it wouldn't be nearly as clean, and it would probably be filled with a mummified dormouse, some mushrooms, a wad of pound notes, and a spider of particular interest.

One More Stitch said...

Oh, Astrid, you are probably right, and after all of the hard work that would go into the purse's making, the creature!