Sunday, 6 March 2011

Still in a 17th Century Frame of Mind

A Woman Knitting with a Basket of Fruit on a Carpet-Covered Table Beside Her

Caspar Netscher
(Dutch, 1639-1684)
Location/ownership unknown

A stocking in her lap and a gentle warning look on her face. Perhaps she was counting and did not want to be disturbed. One of these days, I will do tallies of knitters in art who look annoyed, slightly put out or are fully concentrating (or appear to be) on their knitting.

If anyone knows of the ownership or location of this painting, please let me know. I like to give full credit and details of any piece of art I post on this blog.

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Anonymous said...

Judging by the length of the sock in her lap, I think she's turning the heel. She also looks as if she's been interrupted more than once during the process. "Yes, you're fine, I already checked the bump on your head. No, if you don't want the geese to peck you, you shouldn't pat them that way. No, I won't check your bump again. Yes, you may have a cookie."