Monday, 11 October 2010

Godey's Knitted Garters

This pattern comes from Godey's Lady;s Book, June 1862 and came out 10” long in the cream part, stretched out. I need ones a tad longer to go around my leg twice and then slip through the loop and then have enough length left to tie, so I will be making a second pair, possibly in grey and red. The pattern is very, very easy, and the tassels can be made in five minutes.

I knit these in Morehouse Natural and Wedgewood on 0.75mm/US 6/0 needles.


GodeysKnits said...

Those look really great! I've been looking around for the pattern for these, first seeing them on a reenactor in "The Citizens Companion" about 2 years ago. Well Done!

One More Stitch said...