Sunday, 25 January 2009

The Garment - January 2009 Update

I know that I am taking a long time working on this project. One of the reasons is that I keep adjusting the design. The legs have been knit several times as have the rows which join the two legs and sides at hip level just below the fall. I think, however, I have finally got it right this time. There are the legs, hanging out of the cloth bucket which makes a perfect knitting bag. That photo also is the most accurate representation so far of the shade of brown of the wool.

The other reason I am moving slowly is that I adore this wool. It is strong, feels good in the hands and on the needles, and rips and re-knits beautifully. The colour is gorgeous with flecks of lighter wool that show up from time to time.


Sandra said...

I admire your tenacity to get this project right. How much more do you think there is to knit to finish this?

One More Stitch said...

Thanks for your comment.

I have started the *body* - that is, I have cast on but left the stitches *live* so they can be joined to the waist of the lower part. I am planning to knit in the round to the underarms and then knit the sleeves down from the shoulders, modeling the shape on the men's shirts of the era. I have to do the upper neck and lengthen the feet as well. Another feature of this wonderful wool is that it knits up to gauge. I haven't had any nasty surprises in that way, yet!