Friday, 29 February 2008

19th Century Mitts

These elegant mitts are from a pattern published by Circa Knits (1995) based on ones (c. 1863) in the collection of the Crocker Art Museum, Sacramento, California. They were knit on 2.25 mm needles using ivory mercerised cotton. The picot edge is knitted. I intend to knit them again using a more historically accurate lace weight wool or silk.

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Sessans Pinaler said...

I've knitted several sets from this description. As we don't have needles #2.25 here in Sweden, I have tried both #2 and #2.5 and found that I can create two different sizes this way. The mittens have always been much appreciated and the first pair I made is starting to look "a little sad" after being used for many years. Very easy description to follow with beautiful results. More of this, please.